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Fixed artificial teeth

  • Overview

    Fixed artificial teeth is the replacement of artificial teeth for the decayed or damaged teeth. This is the advanced technology which has attained a tremendous growth in the field of dentistry. This treatment process is professionally called as implant. Several patients got benefited from this treatment. It has created a revolution in the dentistry because of its appearance as natural teeth. Implant can be done for single as well as multiple teeth.

    A small surgery is necessary for this treatment. A screw like structure made up of titanium material is inserted within the bone by surgical process. This arrangement fits comfortably with the human bone for the replacement of damaged teeth which resembles as natural teeth. Implant for multiple teeth is quiet difficult it requires bridge type arrangement with the support of adjacent tooth. Hence it functions well as the natural tooth with the added support.

  • Benefits of implants

    If you loss a teeth the surrounding skin and enamel begins to shrink it leads to change of your face. Your face might be changed from its original shape it affects your identity. However you cannot leave it with an exposed enamel. It gives additional irritation, and un bearable pain from the exposed nerves.

    To avoid all these issues immediate replacement is necessary at the place of lost teeth. It can be achieved through the implant process. It helps you to be free from irritations. You no need to close your mouth while laughing. Your appearance will be much better than before even you will be free from embarrassment.

  • Treatment process

    • It is important to check the patients health condition in prior. Checking the patients health condition whether he is suited for the implant is necessary.
    • Implant starts soon after the completion of preliminary process. Anesthesia is given to the patient for their comfort and for avoiding interrupts during the surgical process.
    • Implant may take nearly 1 hour. Implant starts soon as the completion of tooth extraction.
    • It is done with the 3D noble guide system and the radiography is applied for the surgical process.
    • Healing is required after the implant for the smooth functioning of the artificial tooth as natural tooth.
    • Abutment is placed for the support of the implant.
    • Finally a crown is mounted with shading,polishing and seizing similarly to match the color and comfort of existing tooth.