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Gum Treatment

  • Overview

    Gum treatment is given to the patients having infection in the gums which is surrounding the teeth. If the infection spreads over the gums results in loss of tooth. Gum infection occurs due to bacterial plaque and calculus present inside mouth. It is required to treat the gum infection before losing your teeth. Gum infection consists of two stages namely Gingivitis and periodontists. Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum infection while periodontium. is the advanced stage the gums, bones attain damage leads to falling of teeth. Gingivitis expose symptoms like bleeding puffy gums,reddish appearance etc. certainly treatment is needed soon before going to the periodontium.

    Gum treatment has done with two methodologies such as surgical and non surgical. It is professionally called as Periodontal it deals with treatment on supporting areas of teeth and affecting phenomenas. It can be treated only by the periodontists.

    Preventing gum diseases

    Gum disease can be prevented by these activities listed below

    • Regular cleaning of teeth.
    • Brushing twice a day.
    • Flossing daily.
    • Regular dental check ups.
  • Non surgical treatments

    scaling, root planning and periodontal maintenance are the three methods for non surgical treatments.


    This is the process of removal of debris from the crown. It is the foremost step in the non surgical treatment.

    Root planning

    Root planning is the removal of debris bit interior cleaning of debris from the roots.

    Periodontal maintenance

    finally periodontal maintenance is given to the patient.

  • Surgical treatment

    It includes four methods for the treatment of advanced gum disease. They are listed below

    Pocket reduction procedure

    In this method the gum disease spreads around the teeth creating a space between the teeth and gums. This space is also known as pocket. This pocket extends because of the entry of bacteria and presence of damaged tissue. Pocket reduction procedure deals with the reducing pockets by removing bacterias It can be done professionally with the periodontist. Vijay's dental center uses flap surgery treatment for accessing the pocket, and reducing the depth and making the pocket remains clean.


    This treatment is given to remove the excess amount of gum growth on the areas surrounding the teeth. excess amount to gum growth leads to false pocket formation.

    Regenerative procedures

    Bones might get decayed due to bacterial effects. Smoothening process done on its surface for the bone regeneration. This treatment is made along with the flap surgery which removes bacterias and reduce the pockets thereby allowing the regeneration of bones.

    Bone grafts

    An artificial bone is made to fill the patients defective bone around the patients teeth. It makes them to grow and allowing them to function normally.