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  • Overview

    Now a days people like to have properly aligned teeth for good looking. It is for esthetic's and functional concern. Orthodontics is the treatment of facial irregularities. It can be done with the brace and brackets. The duration of the treatment is about 8 to 9 months for getting the proper alignment of teeth. Orthodontics is given to the following issues.

    • Over crowding
    • Open bite
    • Deep over bite
    • under bite or lower protuding
    • spaces in between teeth
    • cross bite

    Braces technique is used to bring the jaws,teeth and lips to the proper alignment which helps to achieve the facial irregularities. Braces are made up of different materials like metal,ceramic,lingual and clear path etc. Costs varies with the type of material used for the brace. Orthodontics resolves Mal alignment of teeth and facial irregularities.

  • Orthodontics braces Treatment

    • Metal braces.

      In recent years metal braces are available in smaller size and high compact ability. Advanced technologies in orthodontics introduces brackets and metal wires to resolve facial irregularities.

    • Clear braces

      Clear braces is the advanced form of metal braces. It is colorless and less noticeable from others vision.

    • Lingual braces

      Lingual braces is placed inside the teeth which is invisible. It is well suited for professionals for good looking.

  • Orthodontics Invisalign Treatment

    This type of braces is used to straighten your teeth it does not contains any metal wires. It is completely invisible which increase your physical appearance.

    We are one of the leaders in the dental care centers. Our doctors have extreme skills in handling orthodontics. Vijay's dental care has special credit from our patients.