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Teeth whitening

  • Overview

    smile is an important factor in personality development whitening your teeth gives special appearance and makes your smile even more better.

    Teeth whitening is an effective method of polishing the teeth to bring back the natural colour of the teeth. This process never removes any existing tooth surface. Whitening process is advisable to the children below 18 years and also for pregnant women. There are several methods available in teeth whitening.

    Whitening can be done using bleach process but it doesn't suits for everyone. It is not common for all it varies with the patients health condition. Treatment varies with the patients habits like smoking, tobacco chewing etc.

  • Professional teeth whitening

    Professional teeth whitening is the normal and traditional method of teeth whitening.

    Laser teeth whitening

    laser teeth whitening requires intensified light for the for the bleaching process. It takes nearly one hour for the completion of the task.

    Home teeth whitening

    plastic foamed lined trays are specially made with added materials in the laboratory which is correctly fitting your teeth. A bleaching gel is given for home applications for an hour per day.

    With stand capacity of whitening

    Whitening last upto 2years.Drinking coffee and red wine cause teeth getting darker. Regular dental consultation,brushing, flossing will increase the life time of whitening. some people will feel sensitivity after whitening but it will be alright once after settles down. It takes 2 days for complete settling.

  • Treatment process

    • Tooth should be anesthetized to avoid ache during the process and a vent is made in the pulp chamber initially.
    • The root canal length is determined by a separate measurement.
    • Decayed pulp are removed by means of drilling. Cleaning, shaping also done for making the root canal quiet sufficient for the fillings.
    • Canals are filled with a inert sealed material and a repository or a permanent fittings is placed for additional support.
    • Finally a new crown is fixed on the artificially build tooth and also protecting the tooth from the re entry of bacterias by the necessary precautions. It protects the tooth for long lasting as natural tooth.