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Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Overview

    Wisdom tooth appears last for everyone at the age of 18 to 25 years. It is not visible for everyone its growth depends on the jaw size. Eruption in other teeth does not give any pain but during the eruption of wisdom teeth you might feel the pain and irritation. Some times swelling occurs in the gums accompanied with pain.

    This problem is often seen during the eruption of lower wisdom teeth. It is because of space shortage. If it grows with the sufficient spacial arrangement you will never feel the pain. Extraction of tooth is needed only when the jaw has no enough space to accommodate the wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth is not functional its better to remove the both upper and lower wisdom tooth. Grinding the tooth will give temporarily relief for the issue but there is a chance for re occurrence. Extraction is the only choice for this issue.

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Treatment

    Removal of wisdom tooth requires minor surgical process. anesthesia is given to the patient during surgery. The upper wisdom tooth is slightly attached with bone. Attention required during the removal of the tooth.

    Vijay's dental care center handles wisdom tooth removal process with a specially devised equipment.