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Root canal Treatment

  • Overview

    Root canal treatment is the instant process of infected pulp replacement for protecting the tooth. It is needed only if the tooth get damaged due to injury or decay. Removing the decays and filling with a inert sealed materials to avoid further damages by the re entry of bacterias.

    Why root canal treatment required?

    The root canal treatment is needed for the immediate replacement of infected pulp. It may be decayed by several reasons like accidents,entry of bacterias etc. But you will never feel the pain or sensitivity at the initial stage. If the decay spreads over the root canal system of the tooth it will affect the bones and even the roots too. It will leads to the extraction of the tooth.

    If there is any damage in your body,it may regenerate the tissues. But if the tooth gets damaged it can be treated only with the help of a dentist.

  • Root canal treatment advisory

    Root canal treatment will be advised only for the following issues given below.

    • change in the color of tooth.
    • unbearable sensitivity in the decayed tooth.
    • swelling.
    • Continuous tooth pain while chewing.
    • Tooth pain while close contact with the extremely cold or hot things.
  • Treatment process

    • Tooth should be anesthetized to avoid ache during the process and a vent is made in the pulp chamber initially.
    • The root canal length is determined by a separate measurement.
    • Decayed pulp are removed by means of drilling. Cleaning, shaping also done for making the root canal quiet sufficient for the fillings.
    • Canals are filled with a inert sealed material and a repository or a permanent fittings is placed for additional support.
    • Finally a new crown is fixed on the artificially build tooth and also protecting the tooth from the re entry of bacterias by the necessary precautions. It protects the tooth for long lasting as natural tooth.