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Wisdom teeth removal

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About Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom tooth appears last for everyone at the age of 18 to 25 years. It is not visible for everyone; its growth depends on the jaw size. Eruption in other teeth does not give any pain but during the eruption of wisdom teeth, you might feel the pain and irritation. Sometimes swelling occurs in the gums accompanied by pain.

The most common reasons for wisdom tooth removal are they become impacted or produce other dental issues such as overcrowding of the teeth, cavity formation, or pain. Since wisdom teeth are located in the back of the mouth, they may not form properly resulting in tooth impaction. Tooth impaction can vary by location and cause.

X-rays will be taken to determine the exact position of the impacted wisdom tooth and the condition of the surrounding gums and bones.
There are several types of sedation that can be administered.
A local injection, nitrous oxide gas to relax you, or even help you doze, or IV drug sedation through a vein in your arm.
Once your wisdom teeth have been removed, the healing process begins.
Vijays Dental care will provide you with the necessary instructions to help you recover quickly and comfortably post-surgery.